Influence Of Globalization On The American Culture Essay

Influence Of Globalization On American Culture Essay

To begin with, it should be noted that the U.S. are well-known all over the world for its culture adaptation principles, which were born with the country, more than two hundred years ago. It means that adoption from various countries to American one is prevalent and happens without specific control. Evidently, each immigrant, who came to American shores, internally packed his previously known culture. Despite the fact that it happened over two-hundred years ago, American principles really has not changed much in relation to culture mixing. 

A close look on the data indicates that such globalization trend can be shown on the example of the “Africanization” of American customs, language, values, artistic forms, and religious beliefs. Obviously, the cultural tradition of Africans, which they brought across the Atlantic were reshaped by the new realities of new country and, in turn, added to its fabric. Thus, hundreds of words, such as “okra” and “banjo” are part of American discourse. There is a huge amount of popular Afro-American musicians, especially in the sphere of Jazz, Rap, and Hip-Hop. Africans influenced the American cuisine with their own dishes (Guide to Exploring African American Culture,2003). Various dance traditions comparable to African customs are extremely popular among the country. Furthermore, even marriage patterns tended to copy some of the traditions established overseas.

The other example of the foreign influence on the American culture is presented by the phenomenon of “Japanization”. Undoubtedly, the current popularity of Japanese culture and traditions in the U.S. is impossible to ignore (Ishii, 2004). Moreover, more and more of American culture is constantly becoming “Japanized”, as exemplified by the music, fashion, movies, and television programs (Basics of Japanese Culture, 2010). For instance, it is possible to note the popularity of martial arts, such as karate, the popularity of Japan kitchen, such as sushi, the influence of Japan directors on the filmmaking industry. It seems fair to suggest that Japanese culture is being integrated into the U.S. life as an essential element. 

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