Importance of Ethics for Business Essay

Importance of Ethics for Business Essay

It seems fair to state that ethics is fundamental to the functioning of any community. The growth of the Internet and the liberalization of trade between the countries led to the formation of the globalization trend. As a result, it is possible to observe all human beings as the members of some single globalized group. In such case, ethics becomes an essential regulative of the political, social, and economic relations. At the same time, the role of corporations became bigger due to the accumulation of wealth and resources. Thus, many political decisions in developing and even developed countries are made in accordance with the interests of the corporations. Accordingly, all international problems, such as environmental pollution, global warming, and military conflicts have to be solved with the help of the corporations and local companies. It becomes clear that it is crucial for the global society to guarantee the moral behavior of the business organizations.

One of the primary reasons for the poor ethical decision making is the desire of the managers to gain bigger profit. For instance, Samsung is currently facing bribery crisis. The leader of the company Lee Jae is accused in the corruption scandal because he wanted the government to support several acquisitions. Simultaneously, some corporations support the use of child labor in order to minimize costs on details of the gadgets. The second common reason for the poor ethical performance is based on the ignorance of the moral issues. This behavioral pattern is connected with a manager’s greediness or bad education.

It is rational for managers to outline the fundamental values of the company and control the behavior of the employees, leaders, and managers. The violation of the company’s principles has to be punished. For example, many companies fire their employees in case of gender discrimination cases.

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