Importance Of Cross-Cultural Management Essay

Importance Of Cross-Cultural Management Essay

It is fair to state that cultural differences play a huge role in the organizational behavior of the employees (1000 Ventures 2017). Evidently, cultural background determines the values and mindset of an individual. Needless to say, that there exists a big amount of different cultures in the modern world. The globalized economy implies the increase in the interaction between the states. Thus, the liberalization of trade results in the formation of the influential transnational corporations, which have offices worldwide. These corporations hire staff from all parts of the world. Based on this, it becomes important for a company to manage interpersonal relations in accordance with the principles of cross-cultural management.

Cross-cultural management is used to ensure the absence of the conflicts between the employees from the different backgrounds and to improve the quality of communication in teams. The most obvious example of conflict is related to the religious disagreements. The military conflict in the Middle East and the danger of terrorism leads to the discrimination of the Muslims. Unfortunately, many people think that all Muslims are potential criminals. Therefore, it is essential for a company’s management to implement cross-cultural approaches in order to prevent employees from the religious insults.

The understanding of the cultural diversity is beneficial for the confidence building inside the organization. It is easier for leaders to build trust and respect of the employees with the help of the accurate attitude towards people’s values. In such case, it is important for a leader to use specific gestures and body movements to establish a positive nonverbal contact on the subconscious level.

It is possible to conclude that cross-cultural management is one of the dominating approaches in the modern science of company management because globalization changes the structure of the employment market. Moreover, it is better for all people to become familiar with this method to be more tolerant and respectful of other people.

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