Immigration Essay: Foreigners and American View on Them

Immigration Essay: Foreigners and American View on Them

It is possible to state that the United States today is not an abode for immigrants. It happens due to the constant demonization of the different social groups and communities on the basis of ethnic, political, or religious principles. It means that there exists a holistic system of social policies, which prevent specific individuals from entering the country. Furthermore, the representatives of these communities regularly face discrimination inside the U.S. The three basic marginalized groups are refugees, the Muslims, and the Mexicans. It is fair to suggest that the American government provides different reasons to prove that these outsiders are dangerous for the U.S.

Evidently, Donald Trump’s first decision as the U.S. President was to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. According to the American government, this wall could help to decrease the level of the illegal immigration. Obviously, this initiative creates a tension between the citizens of the neighboring countries. At the same time, the Mexicans in the United States face constant challenges due to the existence of biases regarding their social position in the country.

Second, there exists a serious discrimination of all Muslims in the United States. The primary cause of such a negative social situation is connected with the growth of terrorism in the Middle East. The terroristic attacks of the 21st century were mostly made by the followers of Islam. At the same time, the radical groups of Muslim religious extremists consider the United States as the enemy number one. Thus, some American politicians use anti-Muslim rhetoric to get the support of the outraged people. Obviously, it is irrational to consider all Muslims as terrorists. Nevertheless, this big religious community is currently not welcomed in the U.S.

Finally, the U.S. government made an attempt to prevent refugees from entering the country. The developers of this idea suppose that the refugees could be dangerous for the local economy and social situation. Consequently, the United States refuse to help the citizens of the Eastern Ukraine or Syria to find shelter and survive in conditions of the regular military activities. Needless to say, that it could be interpreted as the violation of the international cooperation principles.

It becomes clear that there are many versatile social groups, which are framed as dangerous outsiders to America. The fundamental commonality between all these groups is related to the biases of the U.S. citizens towards the ideas of beliefs of the outsiders. The biases are mostly fueled by fear, which is a powerful emotional stimulus for the formation of the negative perception. Accordingly, fear becomes the moving force of hostility towards the immigrants, the refugees, or the Muslims.

The demonization of these groups only strengthens the psychological fear. Moreover, people become disconnected, which results in conflicts between the groups inside the country It is necessary to mention that it is better for the U.S. government or politicians not to use the radical ideas in order to prevent a social collapse in the country.

The United States is a country with the long-term traditions of immigration and respect to all cultures. Therefore, it is beneficial for the welfare of the community to protect the traditions and ensure the freedom for the representatives of all ethnicities, communities, or religious organizations. Obviously, it is crucial for the American government to control the immigration and analyze the behavior of the potential criminals to protect the nation. Nevertheless, there should be no prejudices in evaluation of an individual on the basis of his or her background.

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