How To Solve Immigration Issue Essay

How To Solve Immigration Issue Essay

Could you imagine all those feelings that arise if you face the necessity to leave your native country because of instability? Evidently, people around the world face the awful problem of immigration almost every day. Thus, individuals from countries, which face political instability or the negative outcomes of natural disasters, are forced to leave their home and even part of the family. Unfortunately, people usually have no choice because their life could be in danger after a natural disaster occurs. As a result, migrants try to find the shelter in another country. Needless to say, that they are forced to leave everything behind and start a new life. As soon as the migrants arrive at their new homes, many of them face racism. It means that some societies have a negative attitude towards the immigrants. The problem is that the governments of these states propose policies to minimize immigration in spite of the fact that there are many alternative solutions, which could help to improve the situation. For instance, the U.S. President Donald Trump made a decision to ban specific countries from being granted visas to the United States. In the article “Immigrants March to Protest Trump’s new Policies”, the author states that Immigrants formed a boycott reacting to President Trump’s recent actions on Immigration (Associated Press 1-2). The citizens of the banned countries that tried to find a better life in the United States were cut off. Immigrants were affected by this act because they still have not found a country that could welcome them with warm hospitality.

There is no doubt that one of the best solutions for this problem is to change an attitude of people towards the problem of immigration. It is crucial for the global community to develop the framework of mutual help in case of problems. Thus, all countries need to participate in humanitarian programs in order to ensure the protection of the human rights worldwide (Borjas 102). The creation of the special NGO’s working in the sphere of immigration is crucial for the regulation of the situation (Bray 66). Accordingly, the optimal resolution of the current Syrian refugee crisis is to give an opportunity for all Syrian people to find a shelter.

There also exist many wrong solutions of the problem. For example, it is irrational to leave immigration uncontrolled and allow all people to easily enter the country. Evidently, the excessive number of immigrants undermines the welfare of a country. Furthermore, the issue of terrorism is still very topical. Therefore, it is important to control the immigration in accordance with the international principles of humaneness.

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