How To Improve Academic Writing Results

How To Improve Academic Writing Results

It is essential to note that it is impossible to conduct any research without the preliminary review of a relevant literature. Evidently, the analysis of the peer-reviewed articles and books is fundamental for the success of the scientific research because it gives a unique opportunity to understand the current level of the problem’s development and observe the opinion of experienced scholars. Accordingly, it is rational to search for the sources both on the Internet and offline. Fortunately, Google provides a perfect opportunity for the novice researchers to find the credible data about many social issues particularly about residential segregation and racial discrimination.

Second, it is essential to use the technique of brainstorming to accumulate ideas connected with the structure and basic arguments of the paper. This technique implies the liberation of the stream of consciousness to generate as many thoughts regarding some specific topic as it is possible. It is necessary to write down all these thoughts even in case if they are not directly connected with racial discrimination. The process of free thinking usually takes half an hour. It is beneficial for an individual to have some mental rest after brainstorming. In few hours, it is possible to analyze the ideas and choose the most suitable for the further improvement.

Finally, it is crucial to use the method of outlining. Obviously, the development of an outline helps to structure a paper and make it clear and concise. Accordingly, it will be easier to write the paper on the basis of the existing outline. Furthermore, it is possible to ask for the instructor’s advice about the quality of the paper before writing the final version. Thus, the risks to make a mistake decrease.

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