How To Create A Robot Production Company Essay

How To Create A Robot Production Company Essay

The current paper discusses the opportunities for creation a robot production company. Obviously, this type of business organization needs to invest in the innovative technologies and products. The analysis of the market shows that robot production is a perspective niche. The technological growth of the last decades has changed the entire system of social and economic relations. Simultaneously, the popularization of the Internet and the establishment of the free markets gave a unique opportunity for different companies to popularize innovative services and products worldwide. Consequently, it is easier to develop and sell such products as 3d printers, smart houses, and electric cars.

In such case, robot production could become the most profitable sphere of business activities due to the potential diversity of the product. It means that people could use robots for different purposes. The company is going to focus on the manufacturing of the robots, which will become an inevitable part of smart houses. The primary aim of such robots is to reduce the amount of housework and liberate people from routine.

The company’s mission is based on the intention to provide a unique chance for people to use their time for self-development. The vision of the brand is to guarantee the high quality of robots in order to ensure that the clients would not need to think about everyday tasks, such as cleaning, ironing, laundry, cooking, or even babysitting. For instance, the main characteristics of a cleaning robot will be:

–    Small size;

–    Quiet operations;

–    High productivity;

–    Energy use efficiency;

–    Effective dirt indicators;

–    Analytical systems (to control the purity of air and surface cleanliness);

–    Self-switching mode;

–    Original design.

It becomes clear that the new product could satisfy the customers from all parts of the world. It is obvious that the competition at the market of robot production is relatively low due to the absence of the qualitative solutions. Therefore, the primary aim of the company is to invest in the improvement of AI and develop a rational strategy of the product’s promotion.

Why do you believe this product is worthwhile?

As it has already been mentioned, technologies are fundamental to the existence of the modern society. The idea of smart houses and even smart cities becomes even more popular with each year. For instance, South Korean companies are going to build a big smart city on the island. The citizens of this city will have permanent access to the specific online network with a detailed analysis of all city events. At the same time, CISCO company is going to provide software for the analysis of the information gathered with the help of the thousand sensors. It would be possible to improve the efficiency of the resource use with the help of such an analytical method. Needless to say, that robotic device would become an inevitable part of the city’s functioning.

Simultaneously, the modern cultural situation implies the high role of self-improvement in the life of an individual. Accordingly, people want to spend more time on their personal projects. In such case, it is crucial for them to minimize the time spent on routine. It is obvious that the company’s product would become popular among the customers of the 21st century.

A profile of the audience

It is necessary to mention that the company is going to promote the products to millennials. This demographic cohort is also known as Generation Y. Evidently, millennials usually imply people born in the 1980s-2000s. These individuals represent the modern technological culture. They are fond of digital technologies, media, and innovative gadgets. The economic start-up boom mostly depends on the performance of millennials. They are usually focused on the constant improvement of personal skills and talents. At the same time, millennials admire all the latest inventions. Accordingly, the company needs to focus on the interaction with millennials in order to guarantee the existence of the long-term demand in the market.

It would be also rational to approach other generations, especially young adults. The demand stimulation is fundamental for the strategic planning of the organization. However, the primary focus of the company is to interact with the millennials because it is essential to guarantee the profitability in the short-term period.

Explain how to establish credibility

Without any doubts, the company is going to establish good relations with the target audience. In such case, it is rational to demonstrate that the company never violates its core principles. The quality of the product has to be perfect. The mission of the company points out that the product purchase provides a chance for a client to forget about housework. Consequently, the satisfaction of the customers depends on the fulfillment of this marketing promise: “A consumer-oriented strategy promotes the brand image, describes the lifestyle associated with the product or service, or appeals to the attitudes and values of the audience” (Telg 2016).

Another important aspect of the credibility establishment is the use of the language, which is understandable for the target audience. The receiver of the message needs to have an opportunity to interpret it in accordance with his or her worldview. Therefore, it would be wrong to use some outdated marketing principles because millennials prefer to follow fashionable trends in advertising and communication. According to Chris Fill (Fill 2011), “At a higher level, the communication process not only supports the transaction, by informing, persuading, reinforcing or differentiating, but also offers a means of exchange itself, for example, communication for entertainment”. Thus, it could be even important for the company to think how to entertain the audience in order to build credibility and emotional connection with the client.

The channel for delivering the message

It would be rational for the company to use social media as the primary channel for delivering the message. Millennials regularly use social media due to their dedication to informational technologies. First, the company needs to create the channel on YouTube, which is very popular today. This channel will be used to demonstrate the benefits of the robots use. It is crucial to invite famous bloggers to make a review on the products. Second, the company has to start its Instagram account with the photos and videos of the products. It is possible to tell the stories about the manufacturing process. Furthermore, Instagram is good for online streaming. Thus, the engineers of the company could share their opinion regarding the future of the industry online. It would help to popularize the idea of smart houses. Finally, it is also beneficial to use Facebook and Google+ to interact with the customers and receive constant feedback regarding the quality of the goods. The company has to invest in the popularization of the brand in digital media. There are many online sources, which are popular in all parts of the world. The company has to analyze the local markets and find the optimal media for advertising in each region.

It is possible to conclude that the company has to develop a message, which explains the representatives of the millennials group the high quality of the robots. The retranslation channel is social media and digital media. It is especially important for the company to establish credibility with the help of the high product’s quality and accurate communication policies.

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