How to Become More American Essay

How to Become More American Essay

It is necessary to note that all nations possess unique and authentic mentality. The differences between the individuals are mostly connected with the specific peculiarities of the worldview, which is based on the local traditions, customs, and values. There is no doubt that the U.S. citizens also possess specific cultural and social experience, which distinguishes them from the citizens of Japan or France. Nevertheless, any individual could potentially integrate into the American community if desired. Obviously, it will be important for him or her to follow some steps to achieve this goal. It is possible to state that there are some ways for a person to become more American.

First, it is crucial for an American to respect diversity and support equality of all people. Evidently, the U.S. nation was born as a result of the long-term immigration of many people from the different European and non-European countries. The fact is that many immigrants were forced to escape their native land and seek happiness in America. They came to the territory of the modern U.S. without any friends and support. Therefore, they understood the importance of the mutual aid and respect. In the 21st century, the U.S. nation aims to spread the ideas of equality throughout the planet. It was not easy for the country to achieve such a result due to the fact that the slavery was legal in the 19th century. Nevertheless, the efforts to build the community on the basis of the ideals of liberty, fraternity, and equality played a huge role in the implementation of such important political decisions as the prohibition of slavery. There is no doubt that the process of change is still not finished. Therefore, the aim of an American is to strive to improve the social situation and protect people from insults and discrimination.

Second, it is important for an American to follow the American Dream. Obviously, this Dream is not only about wealth or power. It is possible to suggest that the American Dream is about self-development and constant improvement of the personal professional qualities. It means that it is important for an American to work hard in order to achieve good results and embody his or her vision of the future. It was extremely hard for the first American settlers to survive in conditions of uncertainty. They succeeded to build a great country. Therefore, an American has to respect the legacy of the ancestors and demonstrate perfect results in education and work.

Finally, an American usually supports free competition and the liberalization of trade. Evidently, the U.S. economy is the most powerful in the world. It happens because the American companies have a unique opportunity to avoid the government restrictions. For example, the entire process of globalization started in the United States as a result of the constant liberalization of markets. The U.S. citizens propose the world an idea that it is beneficial for all countries to cooperate and trade without taxes and other limitations. The current U.S. President Donald Trump wants to change the course of the American economic policies and support local companies. Nevertheless, free competition will always be one of the central values of the U.S. social and business life. Therefore, it is necessary for a person to be able to engage in business activities and take part in a serious competition to be more American.

It is possible to conclude that it is not easy to become more American because it could be essential for an individual to change his or her worldview and values. Thus, a person has to respect diversity and equality, work hard to develop professional qualities, and be able to engage in business activities. All these steps are beneficial for the Americanization of an individual.

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