How To Be A Good Teacher Essay

How To Be A Good Teacher Essay

It is important to note that the ideal teacher is a person who is able to demonstrate compassion. Furthermore, such a teacher is always intelligent and intellectual. This subject appeals to me more than other subject because I feel like I know more about it. With a teacher with compassion can better understand a student on a one on one basis. An ideal teacher can better understand a student’s learning style. A teacher needs to be a leader because they need to lead there students to success. With a teacher that can build rapport he can better connect with his or her students. A teacher that is intelligent can incorporate all the knowledge that he knows and incorporate all this knowledge into the classroom. A teacher that is an intellectual can use reason to better regulate the class room.

Teaching is an experience, which builds relationships between the teacher and students.  In other words, while the main goal of teaching is to aid students in learning, teachers should also care about those that they are teaching as well. Now, when it comes to the learning environment, three factors need to be considered. There needs to be respect for the students, feedback must be considered, and teachers need to have patience too.

While teachers need to be strict with their students from time to time, they also need to have respect for their well-being.  If a teacher is mean and nasty to individuals, those who want to learn will be less engaged. The reason, is because they will be more focused on how their teacher will act on any given day. As Weimer (2009) states, “Truly awful teaching in higher education is most often revealed by a sheer lack of interest in and compassion for students and student learning” (p.1). Speaking of, feedback must be considered too.

Feedback can help a teacher to improve. Some examples of feedback include constructive criticism on how to manage the class better, and ways to encourage students to ask more questions in class. By doing this, there will be more room for a teacher to teach her students through the constructive feedback that she receives. Lastly, teachers need to have patience for their students.

When I was in middle school, there was a teacher who got frustrated, when students would ask for help in material that she went over. This discouraged student from asking questions, and their test results suffered in the end. A way to resolve this, would be through after-school tutoring classes, which would ensure that students are getting the help they need to be successful in class.

In closing, teaching can be a very personal experience. At the same time though, it can also be rocky as well. A good teacher knows how to be strict yet respectful, take constructive feedback well, and have patience with their student.


It is possible to conclude that the process of teaching requires an individual to demonstrate many important skills, such as compassion, high level of literacy, psychological stability, and intellectuality. Obviously, any teacher needs to know his or her discipline and be able to retranslate the information to the students. Nevertheless, there are also many other crucial qualities, which are valuable for a good teacher to possess. Thus, compassion is beneficial for the long-term emotional interconnection between the students and a teacher. Moreover, compassion is a great method to motivate and inspire an individual to overcome personal problems. Obviously, all students face complicated tasks and challenges. It is crucial for a teacher to be accurate and correct in helping students to cope with these tasks. Accordingly, any teacher needs to be sensitive to the opinions and worldview of the students.

The current study also shows that a teacher also needs to possess such leadership qualities as charisma and patience. Needless to say, that the organization of a working process is extremely important for the good outcomes of the education practices. Therefore, a teacher has to be able to coordinate the activities of all members of a group or class to ensure high productivity of learning. At the same time, leadership provides a chance for a teacher to solve and prevent conflicts.

Finally, a good teacher has to be self-critical and listen to a feedback of students and all other members of the education process. Taking everything into account, it is possible to state that the profession of a teacher requires a deep understanding of human nature and great communication skills as well as a perfect knowledge of a discipline.

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