How Globalization Impacts Leadership Essay

How Globalization Impacts Leadership Essay

It is important to note that the modern globalization processes have a significant impact on the formation of the qualitatively new leadership culture. Evidently, the leaders of the 20th century were mostly responsible for the control of the employee’s performance. It means that they did not make any efforts to optimize the productivity or solve the interpersonal conflicts. On the other hand, a modern leader needs to cope with many versatile tasks, which occur every day.

First, the pace of the economic progress leads to the importance of the constant organizational change inside any company. The change is essential for the protection of the competitive advantage. In such case, a leader is personally responsible for the mobilization of his or her working team. One the fundamental leader’s aims is to retranslate the new vision of the senior management to all employees. It could be a complicated task because people usually oppose change due to the factor of uncertainty. It is obvious that any individual wants to lose a job. Therefore, a leader has to explain the strategic plan of a company and guarantee the implementation of this plan.

Second, the economic globalization process gave an opportunity for the HR departments to hire employees from all parts of the world. Accordingly, a leader needs to possess cross-cultural managerial skills. It means that the cultural and political awareness is beneficial for any leader. For example, it could be important for a Christian leader to work with the Muslim employees. In such case, cross-cultural management provides a chance to avoid interpersonal conflicts.

Finally, the development of communication skills could play a huge role for the successful performance of a leader. It is rational for a leader to use the latest technological achievements, such as Telegram, Skype, or Snapchat to communicate with the team members and control their activities.

It is possible to conclude that the modern leader faces many serious challenges based on the progress of humanity in the sphere of economic relations.

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