Hobby Lobby International Case

Case about Hobby Lobby International
  1. The two discussed companies represent an opposite customer segment. Hobby Lobby International is working in the sphere of radio-controlled devices, which are usually consumed by men. On the other hand, Hobby Lobby Stores provides craft products for women. Therefore, the companies do not have a common target audience. Evidently, Hobby Lobby International is smaller in comparison with Hobby Lobby Stores. It leads to the distinction of the promotion strategies, especially in the sphere of media.
  2. Mr. Cleveland aimed to cooperate with Hobby Lobby Stores. He discussed the partnership with David Green, who was the CEO of Hobby Lobby Stores. David Green proposed an egocentric agreement for Mr. Cleveland regarding the unification of their business. It was impossible for Mr. Cleveland to agree to these terms because Hobby Lobby International was dependent on their suppliers. The absence of mutual understanding disappointed Mr. Cleveland. He tried to find some basic methods to force Hobby Lobby Stores to solve the issue. For example, he decided to use social media to inform people about the difference between the companies. Unfortunately, the negative image of the brand did not change because it was extremely hard to persuade hundreds of outraged clients of Hobby Lobby Stores that the companies do not have anything in common. Mr. Cleveland decided to sue Hobby Lobby Stores to improve the situation.
  3. Hobby Lobby International needs to change its name to become independent from the actions of Hobby Lobby Stores. It is obvious that the managers of Hobby Lobby Stores will continue to express adverse judgments connected with ethics. Thus, the future of the company’s brand will depend on accident, which is unacceptable for business strategy.
  4. The change of the name will give Mr. Cleveland an opportunity to get rid of negative connotations. Undoubtedly, the process of rebranding is expensive. However, the final result will help to develop the chain and become a national player in the industry of radio-controlled toys.

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