Globalization Issues Essay: Pollution, Inequality, And Migration

Globalization Issues Essay: Pollution, Inequality, And Migration

It is possible to state that such global issues as mass migration, environmental pollution, and income inequality are inevitably connected with the processes of globalization. Evidently, income inequality is caused by the development of the big multinational corporations. Thus, many non-governmental actors receive a unique opportunity to use resources of different countries to produce specific goods. Obviously, such power gives an opportunity for a company to earn more money. Accordingly, this situation results in the formation of income inequality between the managers and employees of the corporations and local citizens. It is almost impossible to overcome this problem without the implementation of the progressive taxing policies. Nevertheless, such policies could undermine economic growth and cause the financial crisis. It means that people became dependent on the uncontrollable business development, which leads to further inequality.

Environmental pollution is also the result of the economic activities, especially in the sphere of heavy industry. China became the industrial center of the world due to the existence of many orders from all over the world (Cheney, 2015, 32). Finally, mass migration is caused by the desire of people to live in the developed countries. People want to overcome the above-mentioned gap between the rich and poor by immigration to the EU or the U.S. It becomes clear that environmental pollution, mass migration, and income inequality are fundamental issues connected with the globalization processes.

It is necessary to note that the global economy has both positive and negative impact on the problems with equality, security, and democracy. Obviously, it is easier for people to start a business or join a transnational corporation and build a career. Therefore, people became more equal. On the other hand, people from the U.S. and some poor African countries have opposite life conditions (Chirico, 2013, 83).

The gap between the incomes of these communities is extremely big. It happens due to the fact that the U.S. corporations could use the resources of some poor African country to accumulate wealth. The principles of democracy are also violated because the opinion of poor people is mostly ignored. Moreover, corporations have enough money to hire politicians to lobby their interests.

The security of individuals in conditions of the global economy is also a controversial topic. Unfortunately, many companies collect private data about an individual to advertise products or services. It means that all the activities of a person on the Internet are controlled by the companies with an aim to receive profit. At the same time, market economy supports cooperation between the countries in the sphere of fighting against piracy or international crime organizations.

There is no doubt that globalization has a negative impact on the issues of environmental pollution. Thus, overpopulation in India or China leads to the lack of drinking water. The limited access to water resources is the biggest threat to humanity due to the high importance of water in the life of an individual. Many environmental problems are ignored because the corporations use their media resources to lobby the interests. For example, constant oil spills caused by the violation of safety rules destroy the ecosystem of the Atlantic Ocean. Nevertheless, the gas and oil companies do not stop mining. Constant economic growth leads to the increase of carbon emissions and water pollution (Gasper, 2014, 122). Accordingly, the future of the planet’s biosphere is uncertain. The further uncontrolled economic growth could contribute to the global ecological tragedy. In such conditions, it is rational for humanity to control its economic growth by managing the globalization processes.

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