Give Peace a Chance By John Lennon Analysis

Give Peace a Chance By John Lennon Analysis

The current paper aims to discuss the Give Peace a Chance song written by John Lennon. This song was released in 1969 and became one of the elements of the counterculture movement in the United States and throughout the world. Evidently, the lyrics of this song is related to the events of the Vietnam War. John Lennon was a convinced pacifist. He wanted the global community to stop thinking about military activities and focus on the development of emotional relations. Therefore, he composed the Give Peace a Chance song to reveal his view on the political discourse of the current epoch.

The song highlights the fact that the people are usually focused on the discussion of the different –isms. It means that the individuals consider different theoretical concepts regarding the principles of geopolitics more important than common human relations, especially love. John Lennon wants to show that all the information retranslated by the politicians or media is just the repetition of senseless phrases. The only real human value is peace, which is extremely hard to achieve due to the ignorant attitude of people towards the future of the world. Accordingly, the singer tries to use the similar method of the words’ repetition to demonstrate the inner emptiness of all the political slogans. He rhymes the fictitious words with the real political definitions to show the level of absurdity of these confusing and complicated terms.

It becomes clear that John Lennon tries to use angry irony to expose the absence of spiritual meaning in political speech. He is outraged due to the fact that the politicians support war with all these linguistic tricks. Therefore, this song became fundamental for the anti-Vietnam-war movement and motivate many social activists to use more concise and clear statements in discussion the optimal political policies.

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