Gender Biases And Prejudices At The Workplace

Gender Biases And Prejudices At The Workplace

It is necessary to state that gender socialization is a serious pretext for the formation of an individual’s behavioral patterns. Obviously, the struggle for the equal rights between men and women shaped the principles of the interpersonal relations between genders. Nevertheless, there are still many prejudices regarding the roles of men and women in social activities, especially in the workplace.

First, there exists a significant discrimination of women in the military sphere. For instance, mostly in all countries, it is forbidden for women to become serve on a submarine. It happens in order to prevent potential intimate relations between the members of the crew. Furthermore, the assumption that a woman on a ship is a negative sign still exists. Therefore, the military service on a submarine or ship is considered as an exclusively male work.

The similar situation is true for men. It is often hard for the male nurses to gain trust and respect of the clients due to the belief that women better suit this profession. This bias appears in the process of the gender socialization of an individual (Helgeson 187). Thus, young girls play with dolls while boys play with soldiers. This early division of interests also affects the attitude toward choosing a profession.

Finally, it is essential to state that it is usually more difficult for women to pass a job interview. The problem is that an interviewer suggests that a woman will somehow go into a decree, which could undermine the functioning of a company. Consequently, the representatives of an organization suppose that it is better not to hire female employees. It should be concluded that there are many employment biases and prejudices, which are the inevitable result of the gender socialization process.

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