Functions Of The U.S. Government Essay

Functions Of The U.S. Government Essay

There seems to be no doubt that the U.S. government has several obligations towards its citizens. First, it is crucial for the government to take care of the protection of the American borders from the external invasion or threat. This function of the federal government ensures the long-term survival of the nation and gives an opportunity for all citizens to focus on their personal development without the fear to be captured by the enemies. Thus, the U.S. Army participates in many international conflicts, especially in the Middle East, in order to stop the terrorism and prevent such terrible events as Boston Bombing.

Second, the government is responsible for the protection of human rights, especially in accordance with the existing laws. Evidently, the U.S. government must control the implementation of the basic principles of the American Constitution and other laws by the individuals (Kollman 2011). For example, the existence of the FBI is crucial for the welfare of the citizens of the different states. There are also many other governmental structures, which focus on the execution of legal functions (Wong 2011). It becomes clear that this governmental obligation is fundamental to the existence of the community on the basis of principles of democracy, equality, and law-abiding.

Another crucial function of the U.S. government is to control the development of the national economy and stimulate the growth of specific industries. The government also makes decisions regarding the international trade particularly determines the duty fee. It is obvious that the economic policies help to decrease unemployment rate and solve many social issues, such as poverty. As a result, the U.S. citizens receive a chance to find a job and to feed a family.

It is possible to conclude that the examined three functions are central to the existence of the country. The quality of life of the American citizens depends on the ability of the government to cope with these obligations.

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