Friendship in the Modern World Essay

Friendship in the Modern World Essay

It seems fair to state that the modern consumption culture is based on the specific values, which contradict the traditional understanding of friendship. Thus, many Hollywood films represent friendship as a possibility to have a party together. For instance, friends in some comedy films use drugs and drink beer. It becomes clear that such films retranslate negative cliché regarding the real meaning of friendship. There is no doubt that the friendship between two people has to be based on the mutual respect and constant spiritual support. It is important for the friends to protect each other from different hardships and help to avoid serious existential mistakes. Evidently, many Hollywood films represent the positive cases of the interpersonal relations. For example, the famous TV series Friends demonstrates the life of a group of friends, who pass through different challenges. Nevertheless, this TV series does not represent some serious process of spiritual development, such as religious worldview. It happens due to the fact that the popular TV series are made in order to entertain people.

At the same time, modern social media also undermine the traditional understanding of friendship. The Social Network film shows that people became addicted to online friendship. This type of relations implies the necessity to like each other’s photos and share posts. In such case, an individual considers hundreds of his or her virtual friends as real. Unfortunately, any of these friends could help in a complicated situation. The existence of these social media peers only makes an illusion of friendship and spiritual relations.

It becomes clear that the modern media represent the negative perception of friendship with the help of television series and films. This trend is based on the issues of the postmodern culture, which is mostly focused on entertainment and consumerism. It is crucial for all people to develop a unique vision of friendship, which aims to help both friends to become better individuals.

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