Ferguson Case Analysis: Racism in the United States Today

Ferguson Case Analysis: Racism in the United States Today

Current racial relationships in the United States

The current paper aims to discuss the current racial relationships in the United States on the basis of the Ferguson case. There exists an opinion that the opposition between the African Americans and the U.S. law enforcement officers is very violent today (Miller 23-24). This opposition is connected with racial discrimination and even the conflict between the police and African Americans. The basic issue is that a huge amount of negative cases, particularly the cases of shootings, become public as a result of mass media representation (Smithers 32). As a result, people in all parts of the U.S. start thinking that there exists some specific trend of the racial discrimination by the police officers. Obviously, these facts are a bit exaggerated due to the intention of mass media to achieve a bigger audience and earn money. However, it is impossible to ignore that the shootings in Ferguson led to the long-term riots in the entire American city. Consequently, the problem seems to be more serious than just a temporary misunderstanding between some classes or social groups. It is possible to state that such events as Ferguson shooting could reveal a fundamental racial crisis in the U.S. society, which is dangerous for the democracy and welfare of all people.

Background of Ferguson case

The official reason for the events in Ferguson is the shooting of Michael Brown on August 9, 2014. The analysis of the incident and investigations shows that the police officer Darren Wilson did not violate the U.S. law. It means that his decision to shoot Michael Brown was conscious. At the same time, it is evident that Michael Brown did not have a gun. Nevertheless, Darren Wilson did not know about this fact. Consequently, there is nothing strange in the decision of the police officer to shoot a person, who behaves inadequately and ignores his demands.

Public opinion regarding Ferguson case

However, the public opinion of the African Americans living in Ferguson regarding the case was absolutely different in comparison with the opinion of the court. There were several reasons for such a behavioral pattern of the citizens. First, it is crucial to highlight that the demographic situation in Ferguson is very specific. The percentage of the African American residents in the city is very big. Needless to say, that such a demographic proportion results in the change of the democratic view on the several issues. Consequently, it was easier for the African American citizens to coordinate their efforts and begin protests against the police lawlessness. At the same time, the African American community is more collectivist, which leads to the unity in the decision-making process.

Second, the conflict cases between the law enforcement officers and the representatives of the African American community were common for the Ferguson environment. Thus, there were several criminal groups, which consisted of the African Americans. The activity of these groups had a negative effect on the relations between the African American community and the police officers. It means that there was a long-term tension with several shootings. The criminal bands practiced robbery. Michael Brown also tried to steal some products from the shop. Unfortunately, some citizens did not consider this behavior as criminal. Consequently, they were outraged as a result of the court decision. It is possible to state that the police officer did not violate the current law. Consequently, he made those shots absolutely legally.

Finally, there is no doubt that the police officers exceed their authority in many scattered instances. It could happen due to the existing racism heritage, mistake, or prejudice regarding the African Americans. All these cases of the human rights violation are used as an evidence of the illegal police actions. In such situation, the impunity of the police officers could be very dangerous for the social situation in the city or even region. The citizens of Ferguson suggested that Darren Wilson was also guilty in murdering the member of their community.

Racial crisis in the U.S.

It becomes clear that the U.S. society faces a significant racial crisis caused by the variety of factors. It is crucial to mention that the negative opinion of the police officers regarding the members of the African American community is not based on some biases. The fact is that many African American youngsters participate in the criminal organizations. Moreover, some of them have guns. Obviously, it is hard for a law enforcement officer to identify real criminal in the conflict situation. Consequently, the shooting cases will continue to appear.

The negative outcomes of racism are also present in the modern society. It is hard to control the worldview of the police officers. It means that some law enforcement agent could shoot an individual on the basis of the racial prejudices. These incidents could not be taken under the control due to the difficulty of identification. Accordingly, the African American community will continue to demonstrate an evidence of the illegal officer’s behavior.


It is possible to conclude that the U.S. government needs to think about the optimal solution of the existing problem. Any racial conflict has to be solved with the help of the tolerance and respect. It is crucial to take care about the African American youngsters, who usually live in poverty. They need to have an opportunity to receive good education and have a chance to build a career.

The second step is to ensure that all the conflict cases are solved in accordance with the principles of the U.S. legislative system. At the same time, the representatives of mass media need to understand that the incitement of hatred could not be used as PR method. It is better to find the compromise rather than to express negative feelings against the opponent. With the help of these steps, it would be possible for the U.S. society to overcome the racial crisis and build a fair society.

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