My Favorite Genre of Dance Essay

Favorite Genre of Dance Essay

I have no doubt that my favorite genre of dance is ballet. It is important to mention that ballet is usually interpreted as an artistic dance form, which is performed to specific music. Ballet dancers are focused on the attainment of perfection in making accurate and formalized steps, which reveal the inner nature of ballet. Evidently, ballet appeared as a unique form of dance in the 15th-16th centuries. It was popular in Italy and France. The modern laws of ballet were mostly developed in the 18th and 19th centuries. For instance, the use of specific shoes with reinforced toes became popular in the 19th century. Ballet was influenced by many great composers and dance directors, such as Sergei Diaghilev. I was seriously inspired by his ideas in the management of a troupe. There are several subgenres of ballet, which are romantic ballet, classical ballet, neoclassical ballet, and contemporary ballet. The basic difference between them is connected with the musical arrangement, principles of dancing, and decorations.

I became interested in ballet in my childhood. The basic reason for this is the fact that the life of my family is connected with this dance genre. My grandmother was a ballet teacher. She always tried to motivate me to practice this form of art. For example, she demonstrated me several figures. My mother has been dancing ballet for 15 years. Therefore, we regularly discussed several aspects of ballet.

I suppose that ballet is an extremely beautiful dance genre. I was impressed by the weightless movements of my mother when she practiced ballet. She looked great in her costume and in ballet shoes. Therefore, I like ballet the most of other forms of art.

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