European Political Objectives In Global Context Essay

European Political Objectives In Global Context Essay

There seems to be no doubt that the European Union is in crisis now. For instance, Brexit reveals the disappointment of people in the liberal ideas the globalization values. There exists an opinion that Brexit could be the first phase of the union’s collapse. This situation is possible due to the existence of the several problems connected with the political and social development of the global community.

It is possible to state that immigration is one of the most fundamental problems of the EU in the current decade. Evidently, the fear of illegal immigration was an essential factor to force British people to vote for Brexit during the referendum. At the same time, immigration leads to the growth of the terroristic threat. As a result, many radical nationalistic parties receive the significant support of all those people who criticize the policies of the open borders. Accordingly, the internal tension in the union gives an opportunity for the opponents to speculate on its weaknesses.

The immigration issue is based on the dichotomy between the liberal values of the equal global community and the severe reality of the influx of refugees into the countries of Europe. Without any doubts, the EU was not ready for such a challenge. Therefore, many immigrants suffer from the hostility of the European people. On the other hand, some immigrants engage in criminal activities, which outrages the citizens of the European cities (Silverburg, 2011, 505-508). The leaders of the EU could not find some balanced solution to satisfy all parties. Consequently, this issue will become even more dangerous for the welfare of the European people in the next five years. The further popularization of the radical ideas could lead to the formation of the neo-Nazi regime in one of the countries inside the EU. Needless to say, that such a situation undermines all the achievements of the EU in the last 50 years. It becomes clear that it is vital for the EU to solve the immigration crisis in order to protect the union from the potential collapse and prevent European countries from the emergence of fascism or Nazism.

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