Environmental Sustainability Practices In Coca-Cola Essay

Environmental Sustainability Practices In Coca-Cola Essay

It is possible to conclude that the current market situation provides a chance for the Coca-Cola company to achieve the long-term competitive advantage with the help of the implementation of the environmental sustainability practices. The analysis of the peculiarities of the company’s functioning shows that the initiative of the management to recycle packaging plastic and specific glass bottle materials seem to be the optimal way of reducing the costs of production and increase profit margins. At the same time, the opinion of the company’s clients regarding the brand will significantly improve. Consequently, it is crucial for the company to use this opportunity in order to achieve a better business result in the nearest future.

Evidently, Coca-Cola is going to start the environmental initiatives on the basis of the system management approach, which is used by many market players. The approach could help the company to manage all the processes systematically. It will be essential for some departments to pass through the process of organizational change in order to meet the demands of this approach. Nevertheless, this system is easy to duplicate, which makes it possible for all subsidiaries to follow the strategy. It is necessary to highlight that Coca-Cola is going to use Deposit Return Scheme in order to reduce the carbon footprint and littering.

Obviously, there are several difficulties connected regarding the chosen way of development. Thus, the company needs to decrease the costs of the recycling and recollection process. At the same time, it could be hard for the company to recycle all the cans in time due to the fact that Coca-Cola does not operate in the target recycling industry. Unfortunately for the company, there are many regulations, which could potentially slow down the process of recycling and even outrage some customers due to the existing problems. Accordingly, it would be necessary to follow the example of Spectrum Sunglass Company and make several changes in manufacturing processes.

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