Effectiveness Of The Year-Round Schools Essay

Effectiveness Of The Year-Round Schools Essay

The current essay aims to discuss the effectiveness of the year-round schools. It is necessary to note that the primary difference between the year-round schools and the traditional schooling method is that the groups study during the entire year without the long summer break. Thus, this long break is divided into the several small breaks during the entire year. Furthermore, the educational groups in the system of the year-round schooling are usually smaller, which makes it easier for the administration to control the performance of each student.

It is obvious that the year-round schooling model both has pros and cons. One of the biggest benefits is connected with the better educational results of the students. Thus, the existence of the breaks gives a unique chance for all participants of the education process to avoid nervous breakdown as a result of a long-term study load. The students are able to have rest and ignore monotonous tasks for some time. As a result, the level of creativity increases. Simultaneously, the absence of the long break is beneficial for the assimilation of educational material because memory weakens due to a long period of rest. Furthermore, each beginning of the new semester is very stressful due to the difference between the summer rest and autumn work.

On the other hand, there are some factors, which decrease the efficiency of the system. First, it is hard for the school administration to coordinate the performance of many smaller groups during the entire year without a break. The process of the long-term planning becomes more complicated in comparison with the traditional system. Second, the teachers lack time for the development of the educational programs, which are usually made in summer. At the same time, teachers have no opportunity to pass through educational courses to improve their professional level.

Nevertheless, year-round schools continue being popular in the U.S. due to the innovative character of education and all the above-mentioned benefits. It means that the effectiveness of the model is relatively high.

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