Donald Trump’s Biography Essay

Donald Trump's Biography Essay

The current paper aims to discuss the life of Donald Trump in chronological order. It is important to note that Donald Trump was born in New York, in June 1946. He was the fourth child in the family of Mary and Frederick Trump. Frederick Trump had his own business in the sphere of real estate development. Thus, he focused on the construction of the middle-income apartment in the different regions of the New York City. He was dedicated to his business projects, which were quite successful. As a result, it was not hard for Frederick Trump to feed a family. It means that Donald Trump did not face some poverty issues in his childhood.

Donald Trump has spent his childhood in the Queens district of the New York City. According to his own memories (Trump 27-29), he was a very energetic and curious child. He was always interested in the surrounding processes and reasons for them to happen. Donald Trump states that he always tried to understand the principles of the system’s functioning (Trump 34-35). It means that he had a specific view on each process, especially connected with the interpersonal relations.

Donald Trump’s parents decided to send him to the NY Military Academy due to the peculiarities of his character. In the academy, the future U.S. President demonstrated positive educational results. Furthermore, he tried to participate in the sports activities. Donald Trump graduated in 1964 with the good overall results. In his autobiography, he highlights the importance of the leadership practices in the academy for the further business performance (Trump 27-29). He continues his education in the Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania. In 1968, he received a Wharton School of Finance diploma.

After the graduation, Donald Trump engaged in the father’s business. According to David Horowitz, who is a famous conservative writer from the U.S., Donald Trump received control over the company Elizabeth Trump & Son in 1971 (Horowitz 42-43). The future U.S. President decided to start making connections with the influential American citizens. In few years, he started building apartments and offices in Manhattan.

In 1973, Donald Trump faced a first serious challenge due to the governmental accusation in the discriminative activities of the Trump’s company against the tenants. Roger Stone, who is an American political strategist and consultant, states in his book that the examined case was settled in 1975 after the long-term legal conflict (Stone 82-84). The final decision of the court was mostly positive for Donald Trump, which demonstrates his ability to mitigate the conflict.

In the 1980s, Donald Trump continued to expand his real estate business. He opened Trump Tower in 1982. This luxury tower was fundamental for the formation of Trump’s image. At the same time, he entered the casino business by building gambling establishments in Atlantic City. At this period, he was very successful. Thus, in 1988, Trump acquired the iconic Plaza Hotel and invested almost $60 million. He wanted to make this hotel an example of luxurious time-spending.

In 1990, Trump faced business issues due to the decline of the market. For the next twenty years, he used to struggle with loans and debts. Nevertheless, he did not refuse from business activities. Moreover, he never changed his business style. It is necessary to highlight that Trump also actively participated in the different TV shows, such as The Apprentice, in that period.

Finally, in 2012, Donald Trump stated that he was going to enter the election race. He criticized Obama’s administration for the irrational economic and political steps. Thus, he became the Republican candidate in June 2015. He has won the elections and officially became the 45th U.S. President in January 2017.

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