Cultural Difference Between the U.S. and Bulgaria Essay

Cultural Difference Between the U.S. and Bulgaria Essay

I want to mention that I am going to discuss the cultural difference between the U.S. and Bulgaria. I visited Bulgaria few years ago in order to observe the Black Sea and get more information about the Slavonic mentality. There seems to be no doubt that there exists a serious difference in the worldview and values between the Americans and Bulgarians.

It is important to note that the symbolic block of culture implies the difference in gestures. Evidently, Bulgarians nod from top to bottom in order to say No and nod from right to left in order to say Yes. The Americans use the opposite gestures. Needless to say, that the American and Bulgarian language is absolutely different. The common words or phrases are usually taken from Latin. The globalization has a big impact on the cultures of the modern states. Thus, it is possible to find many common phrases in the sphere of business. For example, default, dealer, and others. However, in general, the languages and the alphabet are different.

It is possible to discuss cultural traits connected with music. A close look at the Bulgarian history demonstrates that the influence of folk music and national dances on the formation of the culture and mentality is very big. The national dances shaped the social relations in the earlier decades. Thus, some serious questions were solved after dancing. It is possible to state that Americans did not experience such a big impact of music on the formation of the culture. The national Bulgarian instruments are the kaval, the mandolin, the dvoyanka or double pipe. It is hard to define American national instruments. The jazz or rhythm and blues movements became symbolic for the American culture. Thus, musical traits are different in the two examined cultures.

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