Communism Essay: The Issues Faced By The Soviet Union

Communism Essay: The Issues Faced By The Soviet Union

The shortcomings of the planning system

It is important to note that the Soviet Union faced several issues, which are inevitable in the communistic system. First, the idea to develop the manufacturing process with the help of the planning system. This idea was especially important for Lenin due to his interpretations of Marxism. He believed that it was possible to make a 5-year plan, which will guarantee the production all the necessary goods and the growth of such indicators as GDP. The government of the Soviet Union regularly tried to improve the planning methods. However, it is almost impossible to predict the real change of prices and productivity for five years. Consequently, the USSR government regularly faced difficulties with the economic results, which became especially obvious in the 1980s.

Engagement in military conflicts

Second, the leaders of the Soviet Union highlighted the imperialistic intentions of the capitalistic states. At the same tine, the Soviet Army regularly participated in the military conflicts. For instance, there was an agreement between the Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union regarding the division of Poland. Undoubtedly, the conquered nations wanted to get rid of the Moscow’s control. Consequently, there regularly appeared different revolutionary organizations, especially in the Eastern Europe, which had an aim to make their nation independent. Thus, the perfect communistic system could only function in the world without the other political regimes.

The lack of democratic decisions

Finally, the communistic government is not democratic. Evidently, the Communistic Part in the Soviet Union possessed all political, social, and economic power. Needless to say, that such a situation led to the formation of the dictatorship. Unfortunately, there was no opportunity for the leaders of the opposition to explain their ideas and values. As a result, the people suffered due to the regular cases of injustice. It is important for the political regime to provide an opportunity for all citizens to express their opinion. In the other case, the nation will be dissatisfied with the government.

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