Coding Lessons Should Be Obligatory In Schools Essay

Coding Lessons Should Be Obligatory In Schools Essay

There is no doubt that the society can promote and embrace code literacy throughout the culture, perhaps even require it to be taught in universities and schools as an element of the basic educational program. There are several reasons for such an assumption. First, it is necessary to note that the role of coding has significantly increased since the beginning of the 21st century. It is obvious that Information Technologies play a huge role in the everyday life of the global community. Thus, more than 80% of the U.S. citizens have an access to the Internet and regularly visit the different websites (Raj 37). At the same time, it is hard to find a person who never used a computer.

It means that people live in a highly computerized civilizational environment. In such a situation, it is rational for an individual to know how to manage and use computer devices correctly. Coding is a unique tool, which gives an opportunity for an educated person to create or modify the existing software products (Manovich 1-2). Accordingly, the lessons of coding are beneficial for self-development of an individual and his or her orientation in the surrounding techno-reality.

Second, the absence of knowledge regarding the use of computers and informational networks could be dangerous for humanity due to the risks of the AI development. Evidently, the robotics is the latest IT trend. The companies are going to create advanced robots in the nearest future. All the thinking elements of the AI are formed with the help of coding, which implies both algorithm development and its implementation. Consequently, it is impossible to understand the behavioral patterns of robots without the knowledge of the fundamental principles of coding.

Simultaneously, coding skills are crucial for fixing computer systems and protection of the private information from the external threat. For instance, an educated computer user could identify the dangerous code with viruses in a software product. It is obvious that the hackers become more experienced with every year. They are able to establish surveillance of a person with the help of the Trojans (Galloway 169-170). Thus, coding provides a chance to reduce a potential danger of rapidly developing computer and robotics technologies.

Finally, coding is a great chance for all youngsters to build a good career in the sphere of IT. The financial news shows that the IT specialists receive an excellent salary in the modern world. The payback of projects exceeds all expectations. As it has already been mentioned, computer technologies will continue its development in the further decade. For instance, the idea to build a smart city in South Korea makes it clear that the companies are able to invest billions of dollars in IT projects. Therefore, coding skills could open the doors to the best business projects.

Some people state that coding is important only for specialists. It means that the students have to study coding only on own request within the limits of the specialty. This opinion is based on the assumption that all people do not need coding as they do not need to know the features of electrification. This idea is partly rational because coding could be useless for many graduates due to the specific choice of profession. Nevertheless, it is rational for all people to learn the basics of coding to be aware of the potential problems in the IT sphere.

It is possible to conclude that perfect coding skills are not obligatory for all people. The development of the software products is a task for professionals. However, the understanding of the basic aspects of coding is essential for the mental growth of an individual in the 21st century. Accordingly, society can promote and embrace code literacy throughout the culture.

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