Class Reflection Essay Example

Class Reflection Essay Example

It is necessary to note that I sincerely enjoyed the educational process, especially the interaction between the students and the teacher. I suggest that the openness and willingness to dialogue demonstrated by the teacher seriously helped me to better understand the material and feel comfortable during the lessons. Evidently, it is usually hard for a student to adapt to the new course due to the mental barrier with the pedagogue. Fortunately, I did not experience any difficulties in engaging in the educational activities. For example, we watched and discussed many films about the parents and their children. These films gave me an opportunity to understand the idea of rhetorical choices, which is basic for the course. It means that the choice of the approaches by the teacher perfectly suits the abilities of the students. Nevertheless, there were some challenging aspects related to the examination of the new material for me. First, it was important for me to study a huge amount of new definitions in order to understand the teacher’s vocabulary. Therefore, I regularly analyzed articles on the Internet, especially online dictionaries. At the same time, I tried to find scholar articles related to the topic of rhetorical analysis. For instance, I analyzed the use of the pathos-ethos-logos scheme by several American scholars. This information helped me to better understand the background of the problems discussed during the class. Furthermore, I studied the material that does not apply to the course. Needless to say, that this knowledge could be beneficial for the further educational performance.

Second, I faced the necessity to plan my working activities in accordance with the difficulties of the tasks. Obviously, I am always ready to meet the deadline with the help of the timely solution of problems. I usually try to evaluate the difficulty of the task and do all the necessary parts in time. Nevertheless, there were some tasks, which require deep research and the implementation of all analytical and thinking skills during the course. For example, the observation of a movie’s rhetorical strategies requires the necessity to watch the material, to read the reviews of the external authors, and to develop a concise and clear argument regarding the persuasive strategy of the author. Furthermore, I tried to watch some films for several times to better understand the basic message. Consequently, it became crucial to improving my planning and research skills. It is also essential to highlight that I started using the brainstorming technique in order to write the drafts of my papers. This method implies the subconscious generation of various ideas regarding the problem. This creative approach helped me to decrease the time for writing the draft of the paper. As a result, I decreased the time for writing the tasks. It becomes clear that my ability to create a thoughtful outline has significantly improved.

There is no doubt that all the above-mentioned difficulties provided a unique opportunity for me to receive an important experience and achieve progress in the analysis of the information. I suppose that the understanding of the rhetorical choices is beneficial for the everyday activities and career growth due to the importance of rhetorical skills for the communication between the individuals. For instance, it is easier for me today to build a persuasive message with the help of the versatile approaches. Moreover, I can identify logical fallacies in the creation of an argument in some narrative. Finally, the regular video viewing sessions improved my ability to critically perceive visual information. It should be concluded that I got great pleasure during the course and achieve perfect educational results. It is fair to state that the main merit in my achievements belongs to the teacher.

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