Cisco Systems: Solving Business Problems through Collaboration Case Analysis

Cisco Systems: Solving Business Problems through Collaboration Case Analysis

The current paper aims to discuss the “Cisco Systems: Solving Business Problems through Collaboration” case developed by Kotler P. and Armstrong G. It is essential to mention that this case examines the performance of Cisco, which is one of the most perspective technology companies in the modern world (Kotler 2016). Evidently, the specialists state that the revenue of Cisco is going to increase from twelve to seventeen percent in the long-term period due to the innovations proposed by the senior management of the organization. Evidently, Cisco is going to use the Internet of Everything idea to become the leader in the qualitatively new market of smart city building. It is rational to examine this idea to understand the future of the network technologies and even humanity.

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It is important to note that Cisco is usually known as B2B company, which provides such goods as switches, routers, network technologies, and many other products in the sphere of cyber security and IT. Nevertheless, the senior management of Cisco does not want to stay a simple retail company. The company is going to participate in serious projects of smart city development. The role of Cisco in such project is connected with the network establishing in all parts of the city. It means that almost all objects will be interconnected into a single network. This idea became known as Internet of Everything. Thus, Cisco’s managers want to bring processes, people, equipment, and data together to increase the efficiency of interaction. For example, the usage of IoE idea in the city will help to minimize the electricity usage. The single network will analyze the behavior of people in specific regions and make conclusions regarding the necessity to switch on or switch off the electricity. Obviously, it will be easier to control people. However, the benefits of such system are obvious.

It is possible to conclude that Cisco proposes a great idea, which will be beneficial for building the world of future. The smart cities could become a new habitat for people, who prefer to integrate technologies into the everyday life. It seems fair to state that Cisco’s slogan “Tomorrow starts here” could really reveal the development of the human civilization.

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