Changes Of The Labor Market In The Modern World Essay

Changes Of The Labor Market In The Modern World Essay

It is necessary to note that the labor market of the 21st century has significantly changed due to several reasons. First, the growth of innovations and technologies gave an opportunity for the specialists in computer science to reveal their professional skills and receive big payments. Second, the constant blurring of economic borders between the countries led to the increase in the number of transnational corporations. The liberal theories are beneficial for the further accumulation of power by such giants as Tesla, Apple, or Google. Finally, the alternation of generations leads to the formation of the new value system. Needless to say, that this evolution of the people’s worldview has a direct impact on the performance of the organizations and employees.

It becomes clear that there are many new challenges and opportunities for the individuals in the job market. It seems fair to assume that the primary opportunity for many computer engineers is to participate in the newest projects related to the Internet of Things. The IoT is a new concept, which is usually used to explain the nearest future of technology trend. The developers of the IoT state that all the things in a house or even a city could be interconnected with the help of sensors or wires. Thus, the information about the consumption of electricity, water, or even food could be stored in a database and analyzed with the help of different devices. Obviously, this opportunity is very challenging. The specialists need to invent or improve many IT products. Nevertheless, the perspectives of this job are almost endless due to the fact that the IoT product could be bought by all people on the planet.

Another growing field in the labor market is the profession of a leader. It is necessary to note that the corporations today face the necessity to hire the employees with the different social, religious, and cultural background. Accordingly, it is very hard to mitigate all the conflicts and ensure the optimal performance of the diverse working teams. The leaders in the companies are responsible not only for the organization of the workers but also for their motivation and personal career growth. A leader needs to explain the basics of time management and demonstrate an employee how to meet the deadlines. Furthermore, a leader has to know the principles of the cross-cultural management to coordinate the employees from the different communities. Consequently, it is not easy to become a leader due to the necessity to possess many specific skills, which usually work enough only with the long experience.

Finally, the accountants also face complexities due to the constant improvement of software and the difference in legislation between the countries. An accountant in the transnational corporations has to know how to use the ERP software and collect the information about a company’s activities in different states. Moreover, there are constant difficulties with countering intruders.

It should be concluded that the modern labor market is highly competitive and challenging. However, opportunities for talented candidates are endless. Corporations invest huge money in the performance of HR departments to guarantee that only the best employees will be hired. Therefore, it is rational for the individuals to improve skills and constantly educate in order to become good professionals in the sphere of interests. It could be also beneficial to regularly read news and monitor labor market to know the latest trends and be ready to get some new knowledge.

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