Attribution Theory And Organizational Behavior Essay

Attribution Theory And Organizational Behavior Essay

It is necessary to highlight that the attribution theory discusses one of the most important behavioral patterns of the employees inside the organization. Evidently, the theory highlights the fact that an individual needs to see the reason for some event to occur. Accordingly, a person makes suggestions regarding the potential causes of other people’s actions. This form of attribution helps to avoid uncertainty in the regular life and create the stable worldview. Needless to say, that many individuals make mistake while correlating cause and effect. It happens due to the absence of the necessary information, biased attitude to some phenomenon, or the functioning of the psyche’s protective mechanism. For instance, the observation of laughing people could make an individual think that the primary cause of laughter is his or her appearance. Nevertheless, the real laughter reason is a good joke. This situation shows that wrong attributions have an impact on the attitude of people towards each other.

The attribution theory is essential for the understanding of the organizational behavior in an organization. For example, an individual could consider his or her permanent setbacks as the logical result of the bad management inside the organization. In such case, it is possible to observe the protective mechanism of the psyche, which helps an individual to avoid criticism and experience positive emotions. Unfortunately, this wrong attribution has negative outcomes due to the fact that his individual ignores professional growth. Therefore, the entire team will face difficulties working with this employee.

Another example discusses the similar problem. Thus, a manager could find the performance of some employee as unsatisfactory. One of the most evident reasons is the professional insolvency of this employee. Consequently, a manager could give a negative recommendation regarding the ability of the employee to cope with the tasks. However, the real reason for negative performance could be connected with the bad management and the absence of team building practices. It becomes clear that the attribution theory reveals the potential psychological issues in the organizational behavior of the employees.

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