Argumentative Essay on The Importance of Equal Educational Opportunities

Argumentative Essay on The Importance of Equal Educational Opportunities

It is essential to mention that education plays a huge role in the modern world because the processes of globalization require people to possess many versatile skills to find a good and perspective job. Unfortunately, the issue of social inequality continues being actual for all countries in spite of economic development. It means that some children could not get decent education because their families lack resources (Gorski 2013). Moreover, some kids face health issues, which make it impossible for them to be an equal participant of education proces. It is crucial for global community to provide equal educational opportunities for all people because it will have a direct effect on the general level of happiness and can reduce poverty.

It seems fair to state that the current technology and science progress of humanity gives a unique opportunity for all people to participate in such great projects as the development of smart cities or inventing drugs for rejuvenation. Obviously, it is important to be an educated person in order to take part in such projects. It means that knowledge becomes a resource for well-being. Those individuals, who are able to use their talents, skills, and knowledge, could really change the world. The robotization and authomatization of processes provides a chance to avoid manual labor and work as manager, which is a perspective position with good salary. Consequently, equal education opportunities will have a positive impact on innovations and lead to general improvement of economic relations.

It is crucial to highlight that each community needs to take care about the people with disabilities. They have a great potential of working performance, which is usually not realized due to the ignorance of the government. It is rational to create special free courses in different subjects for people with disabilities to guarantee that they will be able to cope with some job. Undoubtedly, government has to guarantee mental acceptance of people with disabilities. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide special lifts for the comfort of people with disabilities in educational establishments. These measures will be beneficial for their personal development as equal members of community.

It is possible to conclude that the problem of inequality in educaiton is extremely actual for the modern world. Such groups as people with disabilities or poor people face discrimination because they could not get appropriate education. Providing the opportunities to study for such groups will guarantee the general growth of economy and decrease of the povery level.

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