Animal Farm And 1917 Russian Empire Revolution

Animal Farm And 1917 Russian Empire Revolution

There is no doubt that the events of the Animal Farm plot are related to the 1917 Revolution in the Russian Empire. Thus, George Orwell provides a specific look at the reasons and motives of people to engage in the violent revolutionary activities (Orwell 14-15). First, the author highlights the big role of the ideological inspirer in any revolution. The old Major was the old boar who decided to motivate other animals to start the revolution against the farmer Mr. Jones. Obviously, there were many premises for the development of the revolutionary ideas. Mr. Jones was unable to keep house. Moreover, he often drank alcohol. Consequently, the animals were outraged due to the weakness of his power.

Second, the revolution started as a result of the insignificant occasion. Mr. Jones forgot to feed the animals. This event became an immediate impetus to revolution. The animals were motivated by the worlds of the old Major about the equality and progress of their community. Consequently, they were ready to take actions.

Finally, there were several leaders of the revolution who organized the activities of the other animals. Evidently, Napoleon and Snowball made the plan of the revolution and explained the basic tasks for each specific animal. Furthermore, they succeeded to retranslate the ideas of old Major and created the Seven Commandments of Animalism. With the help of these steps, the revolution on the farm happened.

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