American Dream Essay: Personal Vision

American Dream Essay: Personal Vision

It is essential to note that the achievement of the American Dream is one of the primary aims in my life. I suggest that the central idea of the American Dream is to accumulate resources, such as power and wealth, in order to develop personal projects. Thus, my purpose is to create a company, which would work in the healthcare industry. It could probably be a consulting organization, which helps the medical establishments to optimize their financial flows and improve the quality of the services. The basic benefit of my plan is that I will help many people from my community to receive education and join my company. It means that I am going to make a long-term investment in the sustainability of my community and organization. Furthermore, the improvement of the hospital’s performance could guarantee that the fellow citizens have a possibility to be healthy and satisfied with their life. As a result, I will receive a unique opportunity to make the world better, which is the core value of the American Dream.

It becomes clear that education plays a huge role in the implementation of my dream. It is crucial to get all necessary skills and knowledge, which will help me to develop the business project in the region. I am sure that the course in medical coding and billing from Everest College will provide me a chance to gain the experience, which I will use in my working activities. I think that the education in Everest College is suitable for me because the learning process implies the disciplines in economics, financial management, and different aspects of the healthcare business. At the same time, the graduates of the college usually become good specialists, which shows the great level of education. Consequently, it will be easier for me to embody the American Dream with the certificate in billing and coding from Everest College.

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