A Class Divided Film Analysis Essay: The Issue of Inequality

The issue of inequality observed in the essay based on A Class Divided Film

A Class Divided film is a 1985 episode of the well-known PBS series Frontline, which was directed by W. Peters. The basic aim of this part is to demonstrate the existence of discrimination on the basis of the behavior of third graders in school. The essay provides an analysis for the reasons of inequality existence.

Observation of social minority groups in the film

A huge amount of Americans is the part of the social minority group. It means that due to being a minority, people undergo a feeling of inferiority. Evidently, the film “A class divided” shows how many concepts of inequality are still evident in everyday life today (A Class Divided, 2014). For instance, it could be individual name-calling or referring people in personal or non-personal “groups”. The film also shows that the people, who are normally cooperative and friendly, turn discriminating and nasty while participating in micro societies with various rights. The most amazing concept is that in case when the dominant group feels external support, the participants of this group appear to think better and do quicker on tests. It shows that all people need is a little ego boost. Thus, it is possible to achieve various aims in business or education with less effort, just with the help of specific stimulating (Peters, 1987). The situation shows that the people need motivation from the authorities. Needless to say that the perception of advantage could change the person in some observed cases. Thus, a credibility of some political figure depends on its ability to show the advantage of its group. Obviously, it is connected with the examples showed by Ms. Elliott in the film, where she discusses the advantages of the blue-eyed children and describes various aspects of their social behavior.

The reason for the existence of inequality

A close look at the data indicates that the dominant group usually consists of all rich, white, Protestant, well-educated, male, who are heterosexual and older. Unfortunately, if lacking even one of these characteristics, some person is considered a minority. Evidently, this is the typical way how people separate the two social groups. Needless to say that it influences the perpetuation of the democratic way of life due to the dubiousness of the majority. Without any doubts, stereotypes, the desire for similarity, and external assistance have a huge influence on the common life of the U.S. citizens.

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